Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Crazy past couple of weeks

So life is crazy again as school is back in session. I had committed myself to study harder, longer, more often this semester. I've studied more often, but don't know if I've accomplished the other two. Several days before school started I got the flu and a double ear infection. One ear drum (I'll speak lay terms for everyone :P ) ruptured. I was able to get on antibiotics before school started so I was able to go back uncontagious. I'm just now starting to feel recovered though, 2 weeks later. So hopefully I'm back in full swing. My clinicals start tomorrow, so I had better be! LOL So today's picture was taken on Saturday in the snow. Tater was very excited to see the snow come down, as you can see. I didn't get any of him playing in it because he took a really long nap that day. Maybe it'll snow again soon :D

I have to run to school, but promise to be better about my one blog a week commitment. Thanks to everyone for being such great friends!

Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Friday, January 4, 2008

Our Year In Pictures 2007

Tater has been sick for a few days, so I'm behind on the post I intended for January 1st. Here is our year in pictures. Well mostly Tater's 2007. Enjoy!

January 2007

Playing at the park

Me love COOKIES!!!
Such a big boy on his bike :D

February 2007

A month of transitions~bye bye Mr. Pappy, hellooooo Toddler Bed!

One of the last pix of Tater with Mr. Pappy (what we called his pacifier)

First time in his big boy bed

March 2007

Boy=a noise with dirt on it :D

He actually prefers slides over the swings

Spring Break Trip to Savannah YUM!

bath and kept crying to take a bath

The shirt says it all

April 2007

First big boo boo
I always really liked this pic :D
Tater and I at the zoo on Easter
Tater Easter Morning

On a see saw (how he got his first big boo boo)

His 3rd haircut (he could've cared less, he was into the old camera LOL)

May 2007

Tater Tot

Another pic of him on the long road, same outfit too! LOL

June 2007

Our first month of full time cloth diaperingChecking out the scene

Party like a rock star
His favorite toy this summer

July 2007

Watching the diapers get washed in his diaper

Enjoying the great outdoors

My mom's not a tree hugger but I am!

I still love slides!

Loved watching fire works!

Eating corn dogs in the bed of the truck during the fireworks

A cloth tush shot

August 2007

Somehow another year snuck by and Tater turned 2

Running around like a crazy man makes you look like this:

Tooting his own horn

What better way to start out being 2 than pitching a fit in time out?

September 2007

Trying to stay cool at the Apple Pickin' farm
Riding a tire swing horse
Eating a freshly picked apple that Mommy didn't have time to wash or at least wipe
Still loves slides!

Off to school-first day of school ever :(

Tater and DH

October 2007

Tater loved the carousel

He loved the Tea Cup thing more!

Tater was Buzz Lightyear for Halloween

Tater and I at the local pumpkin patch

November 2007

Poppin' a wheelie!

Still obsessed with lawn mowers

December 2007

Cute even when mad at Mommy

He liked showing the camera the stick

Christmas 2007

The boy liked the Princess computer more than his *girl* cousin

Checking out the loot

Opening presents

Tater and I

This track was the hit of the day!

He also loved his new horse!

That was 2007, I hope that you all had a wonderful year and that this year is even better :D